Where it began.

Oliva started out a a personal trainer. Her passion always lay in helping likeminded women build confidence and become the best version of themselves while getting fitter and healthier. As a female fitness coach, Olivia's uniform was activewear - like many of us do, she lived in her gym gear. 


Because of her experience with constantly wearing these garments and working with ladies who always had issues with leggings slouching down while working out or tops not giving enough support, she decided it was time to bring out her own range of activewear to suit all the needs and styles of the huge range of women in her community.

"I always found sportswear somewhat boring, I figured there was a niche in the market for O|W, for vibrant colours, figure enhancing leggings and flattering tops to make girls feel powerful and confident when they workout."

What we stand for.

We stand for empowering women everywhere. Be the best version of yourself in O | W. We encourage, happy, healthy lifestyles and most importantly confidence and comfort in your wardrobe.

O | W is clothing has been developed for women everywhere to 'live in'. Whether your going to the gym, or going to the supermarket. O | W establishes an outfit that is empowering and comfortable for every occasion. It's not just another pair of leggings, it's a lifestyle.