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Bread is not bad for you!

Bread ain't bad for you🙄 . Is anyone else fed up hearing people say 'oh bread is the worst thing you can eat' . Often the people who tell you this are your friends or family, or someone you met in the street. unless these people are qualified nutritionists or have some qualification or proof to back up this theory, i wouldnt listen to it, because frankly its not true. Too much of any foods can hinder your progress if your goal is fat loss. Me personally as a flexible dieter include all foods in my diet because there's no way I'm going to ditch bread for the rest of my life so why do it for 4-6 weeks then binge on it and end up back where i started?! . I try not to rely on bread as my source of carbohydrates becuase it is so quick and handy but i will most likely have it 4/7 days a week, also i track my intake on myfitness pal (the free version) this way i ensure i dont overeat. Here are a few of my faves which are lower calorie options. . Mini pittas from Asda Piklets from M&S Bagel thins available from most shops . You almost half the calories with these small swaps😉 . Be realistic not a yo yo dieter

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